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Politique de Confidentialité

Conditions Générales de Ventes de la boutique en ligne de *les zigouis*

All sales of Barbara Berrada/les zigouis products shall be governed by the General Terms And Conditions Of Sale described here in (the “Terms and Conditions”). No changes, alterations, amendments, deletions, exceptions or additions to the Terms and Conditions will have any effect, whether purported to be a condition of purchase by any potential or actual purchaser (“purchaser”) or otherwise, unless expressly consented to by Barbara Berrada/les zigouis.


1. Right of Refusal
*Les zigouis/Barbara Berrada* reserves the right to refuse any order or to require a guaranty with respect to any order.


2. Prices. Currency
*Les zigouis/Barbara Berrada* reserves the right to alter its price at any time during the seasons. All orders are placed in euros.


3. Terms of Payment.
Complete payment deposit is due within seven (7) business days after the purchaser receives the invoice.
The balance of the total purchase price, including any applicable fees and costs (the “total purchase price”), is due prior to shipment, with no exceptions. 
*Les zigouis/Barbara Berrada*will not, under any circumstances, accept partial payment for shipment of a whole or partial order. 
As addressed in further detail below, all merchandise is the exclusive property of *Les zigouis/Barbara Berrada* until full payment is received by *Les zigouis/Barbara Berrada*.


4. Payment of taxes
The purchaser is responsible for payment of shipping costs, any customs fees and any additional fees relating to shipment, including but not limited to those that may be particular to the country in which their shipping address is located.
All bank taxes are for the purchaser's.
The expenses of delivery and treatment of the order are 10 % of the amount of the order


5. Cancellations
Orders shall not be cancelled by the purchaser after payment .


6. Damage or Loss During Shipment
Goods are shipped at the purchaser’s risk. In the event of damage, theft or total or partial loss, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to pursue claims with or against the carrier.


7. Shipping dates; Receipt of goods
All the goods are handmade and need time to be made. 

Once your order has been registered, and if the product is in stock, it will be confirmed and shipped in the majority of cases within 3 to 5 business days.

If the product is not in stock and must be manufactured (which is the case of most clothing), the time is then 5 to 15 days, it depends on periods, quantities and parts. 

In the event of late dispatching, no termination or cancellation may be deemed valid, if it is not preceeded by a formal demand by registred letter from the buyer. Upon receiving the formal demand, Barbara Berrada reserves the right to dispatch during a period of 30 days. The formal 
The purchaser must inspect all goods shipped immediately upon receipt and inform Barbara Berrada of any concerns regarding the condition of goods within five (5) business days.


8. Handmade goods 
All clothes from *Les zigouis by Barbara Berrada* are made by hands and are not always absolutly identical in construction, shape or color. The purchaser accepts that. 
Accordingly, *Les zigouis/Barbara Berrada* will not accept returns or exchanges of handmade goods because of the not absolutly identical in construction, shape or color than items seen in the catalog of "les zigouis" or in the web-site.


9. Refunds; Exchanges
All * les zigouis/Barbara Berrada* goods are carefully inspected by hand, piece-by-piece prior to shipment. 
Barbara Berrada will not issue refunds or exchange goods without a written authorization.


10. Retention of Title 
All goods remain the exclusive property of Barbara Berrada until completion of payment of the total purchase price by the purchaser.

11. Resale of Goods Absolutely Not Permitted
The purchaser shall sell *Les zigouis/Barbara Berrada* goods only at the premises located at the address

indicated on its order form, or at its online store web address indicated on its order form.
Selling *Les zigouis/Barbara Berrada* goods from other locations, real or virtual, including but not limited to non-proprietary websites (e.g.,,, is absolutely forbidden.

12. Intellectual Property
The purchaser shall not reproduce, in full or in part, any *Les zigouis by Barbara Berrada" products, including but not limited to goods formerly or currently for sale, designs available for view on its website or otherwise, models, samples or images. The purchaser also shall not aid or abet any third party in so doing.

13. *les zigouis* Labels
The purchaser shall not, unless by express, prior agreement with *les zigouis*, remove, or alter in any way, *les zigouis* labels.

14. Choice of forum 
Any disputes relating to or arising from sales of *les zigouis* goods, including disputes regarding the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, shall be heard in a court within the city of Rouen, France.

15. Legal Costs
In the event that any litigation is commenced relating to or arising from the sale of Barbara Berrada goods, or the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, the purchaser will pay the legal expenses, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, of *les zigouis* and its agents.

If the purchaser violates any provision of these Terms and Conditions, Barbara Berrada/les zigouis reserves the right to retain possession of any goods at issue and any non-refundable deposit paid by the purchaser during the pendency of the dispute.

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