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lampe elephant

lampe elephant

120,00 €Prix

Sculpture en faïence émaillée de 12cm de hauteur et 15 cm de largeur.

Couleurs: rose. 

Cette sculpture est modelée et peinte à la main par Barbara, il s'agit donc d'une pièce unique.

Fournie sans ampoule.


-Handmade item (no casting and molds are used)
-Materials: White Stoneware Clay, Glaze.
-Each piece is hand-built, involving coiling, pinching and also is hand painted.
-Recommend a LED light bulb.
-It is originally designed for 110v usage.
-It come's with on/off switch

*Please note that these ceramic items are handmade and may vary slightly in appearance. This is the nature of handmade items and This makes it one of a kind item for you.


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